Can a Local Business be in Control of their Marketing?

Mar 8, 2021 | Market Research, Strategy | 0 comments

As a marketing company, we deal with local business owners on a daily basis. The stories we hear would break most people’s hearts. From their businesses being shut down due to the pandemic, having to lay off employees because they can’t afford them anymore, not being able to get materials to manufacture their products due to other countries being shut down, foot traffic almost non-existent, marketing companies taking advantage of them and then disappearing, having to figure out how to have run a business remotely, and the list goes on and on.

These are real people with real lives, fighting each and every day to keep their dream alive. While a marketing company can’t solve all the problems listed above, we can definitely address one…

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Marketing companies taking advantage of local businesses and then disappearing.

The only way anyone can be taken advantage of, is if they don’t know or understand how something is supposed to be, or work.

Marketing has been made to seem complicated by marketers. To make something valuable, you have to make it scarce or esoteric.

Regardless of how esoteric any subject is, it has to be built on a solid foundation of basic principles. If one knows these basic principles it is a lot easier to think with the overall subject.

Therefore, we have decided to release a series of articles laying out the basics of what a local business owner should know in order to take control of their marketing.

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Marketing, just like any other subject, has its own basic principles. First, we will start with the definition:

The creation, packaging and distribution of a specific product into public hands. This means marketing is going to prepare, bring to and place on the market in such a way as to obtain maximum potential and revenue.

Really the purpose of marketing is to Generate Want and to actually Sell Something.

There are 5 basic things needed to have successful marketing:

  1. A technology, service or product that works.
  2. Good execution of said technology, service or product. Meaning that each time a business delivers their technology, service or product it should get a constant result without variation.
  3. Acquiring the identities of people.
  4. Offering the acquired identities something they will purchase.
  5. Delivering what was sold.

The above may seem simplistic. So let’s break this down and explain why this is true.

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Imagine acquiring identities of hundreds or thousands of people. Then you offer them something to purchase, but as a business you don’t have a technology, service or product that works; or that doesn’t work that well. The marketing wouldn’t work for long due to the amount of bad reputation the business would incur.

The exact same scenario would occur if point number 2 was out as well.

If you did have a workable technology, service or product and a business could get a constant of results, but never actually delivered their technology, service or product they would also kill any marketing that was occurring.

If you had #1, 2 & 5, but didn’t acquire identities and didn’t offer them something they can purchase, that business would never expand nor increase it’s client base.

As you can see all 5 points above must work together to have successful marketing.

In the next article of this series we will discuss the process behind points number 3 and 4.

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