Software Company Strategic Marketing Plans

Software Company Strategic Marketing Plans

Software companies have evolved and this evolution has been a great source of improvement and source of revenue for individuals and countries at large. This level of growth could not have been possible in the absence of strategic marketing plans. We will be talking about strategic marketing plans software companies can bank on to survive the highly competitive industry and to also survive the test of time.

Understanding and meeting your customer needs

Strategic planning is referred to as a long term sustainable decisions. They include the course of action of an organization. We have known what strategic planning is, now let's go into the main topic of discussion which is "Software company strategic marketing plans". Below are some strategies a software company can invest in;

  1. Understanding and meeting your customer needs.

We sometimes want to stand apart from our competitors and make sure we offer unique is okay to be different, but being different doesn't always do the job. When trying to be different, It is apparent that you make room for improvement. Have a strong understanding of your customer needs. This plays a vital role in serving them better, and also helps you maximize profit.

  1. Up-sell and cross-sell your product to customers

As the name implies, up-selling a product to your customer is the act of inviting or advising a customer to upgrade their purchase. The purpose of up-selling is to increase sales and maximize profit. You benefit more from this technique, but also does no harm to the customer. An example of up-selling is a salesperson inviting a customer to purchase a superior product because of its improved and better features. Cross-selling on the other hand suggests the purchase of complementing items for sales. An example is a sales agent making a suggestion that a customer purchases a flash drive alongside the purchase of a computer. Upselling and cross-selling are important marketing strategies software companies can use to generate more revenue.

  1. Video marketing.

Video marketing is the use of videos to promote and market your product. Video marketing has become a very useful and common marketing tool used to increase engagement on your social channels, it can also be used to educate your existing and potential customers on your product or service. Make a simple and short video that has vital content to retain people's attention and not bore them.

  1. Use infographics

An infographic is a visual representation of information or data. Infographics are an odd marketing strategy because they provide valuable content in a short format that is very easy to comprehend. If a picture speaks a thousand words, then a good infographic speaks more than a thousand words

  1. Referral marketing

Customers are not only Kings they can also help you grow your company. Referral marketing makes use of recommendations and word of mouth to grow a business. You earn a customer's trust when you are able to meet their needs, and when you provide them with quality service. By earning customer trust, you gain one or more customers

  1. Guest blogging

This involves creating content for a product similar to your product on another website, and in return amplify your product and gain more traffic to your website. Guest blogging is a win-win situation for every party that is involved.

  1. Search engine optimization

SEO is a very popular acronym that stands for search engine optimization. SEO is the process of optimizing your website with the use of keywords and phrases to improve the visibility of your website. SEO is a powerful strategic marketing tool that helps you engage more clients.


Other strategies include; social media marketing, influencer marketing, media relations, giving out free content, use of paid advert, etc. Going local is also a good marketing strategy, most software companies now work remotely thanks to cloud services. People trust and prefer local companies more. So, it is important to put the l audience into consideration when drafting a marketing strategy.


Software Company Strategic Marketing Plans
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Software Company Strategic Marketing Plans Software Company Strategic Marketing Plans

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